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Indonesia is a big and beautiful country that consists of thousand islands where geographically in every place giving specific difficulties to execute an emergency medical evacuation. Forced with this situation 221Assist was designed to understand the situation and always learn the unique of Indonesia. 221Assist has been developing networking of correspondent in several main cities Indonesia in order to be faster and responsive when a medical case is activated.

221assist is a growing Indonesian’s medical assistance company, since established in 2009 has proven a consistency in providing medical assistances to local people and expatriate who is medically needs better treatment at the closest adequate medical facility. A good work performance of 221Assist that shows high quality, efficiency, simplicity, and reasonable cost has positioned 221Assist as a reliable partner for any medical assistance in the world.

Behind the success of 221assist is supported by a strong operational staff which is basically a blend of personnel who posses wide experiences in medical assistance. Their abilities has given advantage in managing any mode of medical transport includes air ambulance, commercial carrier, chopper, ground ambulance, boat, ferry and either combination two-three of them. Our medical team that consist of ICU Doctor, Anesthesia, and experience Nurse/Paramedic supported with good medical equipment give confidence that 221Assist will provide high care to the patient during the transportation.

For further info of our service and pricing please send us email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

about us

221assist is the first national medical assistance in Indonesia with main core of business in medical assistance. We position as the best choice of anyone no matter national or expatriate who needs medical assistance or other difficulties during their voyage.

For further action such as medical evacuation, we just simply activate our branch office and closest correspondent from the nearest city to activate our team that supported with portable medical equipment. The transportation could be by any mode of transport such as ground ambulance, boat, ferry, helicopter, commercial carrier, and a private jet or combination.

We Exist, We Assist , this is our motto will keep always in present our services and be ready anytime, anywhere needed


24 hours Alarm Center

Is a dedicated phone line for our Client who needs medical assistance that can be reached within 24 hours/365 days per Years. Our coordinator staff will answer your call and provide the requested assistance.

Home Visit Doctor
If a Client got medical problem during vacation/trip and prefers to have doctor visit at the hotel/ resident by certain time. 221assist can dispatch a professional physician to examine, providing prescription, and recommendation.

Outpatient Arrangements
In the event of a Client needs to see a specialist and such laboratories procedures at a hospital or clinic in town or abroad. 221Assist will assist by finding specialist schedule and necessary information. 221Assist will arrange an appointment once the Client agrees with place and time.

Hospital Expenses Guarantee
In the event of emergency when a Client must be hospitalized or seen by a local doctor and unfortunately the medical institution is unable to receive overseas guarantee, 221Assist will assist to replace guarantee letter on the Client's behalf.

Medical Monitoring
If a Client is hospitalized in a local hospital or abroad, 221assist is able to monitor the Client's medical progress regularly with the agreement of the Client. 221Assist will keep informed the family/Client's employer

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They Were Happy

  • Disaat keadaan bingung membuat perasaan saya sangat sedih, tidak bisa berfikir apa2 karena suami saya terkena Cancer Colon, walaupun sudah sempat dirawat di rumah sakit swasta di bali selama 10 hari tetapi dokter hanya bisa melakukan tindakan valiatif karena sudah divonis cancer colon stadium IV

    Dalam kondisi sperti itu 221assist memberikan kami jalan keluar, dengan menggunakan stretcher di pesawat komersial suami saya di pindahkan dari bali ke rumah sakit di Tokyo, walaupun akhirnya suami saya meninggal setelah 3 minggu dirawat di RS di Tokyo tapi saya sangat bahagia bisa berkumpul dengan keluarga sebelum suami saya meninggal.

    Kepada seluruh team 221assist, saya sangat berterimakasih atas kerja keras kalian dan memiliki team kerja yang sangat solid

    -Yoshiko Noguchi yori
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  • Berkat doa dan kerja keras dari semuanya tanggal 19/5/2014 sekitar jam 11 siang kami selamat sampai di Rumah Sakit Universitas Osaka, dalam keadaan emergency kami sangat merasa terbantu dengan 221assist team yang mengurus sekaligus mendampingi perjalanan kami sampai di rumah sakit di Negara kami. Kami sangat terkesan karena dalam keadaan apapun team 221 selalu bekerja keras untuk mmemberikan pertolongan kepada pasien. Sekali lagi kami ucapkan terimakasih banyak kepada team 221assist.

    -Mrs. Tarui Katsuko
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  • saya dan keluarga mengucapkan banyak terimakasih atas perhatian, usaha, Bantuan dan Doa dari Bapak Yudhi, bpk Kelvin, bpk Dhana, bpk Putra, Dr Bagus and ladt but not least, the only Rose among the thorns Ibu Okky, yg tulus sehingga Medical Evacuation istri saya ke Australia berhasil dan berjalan lancar.

    Dikawal dg baik oleh Dr Bagus, saat ini ibu Dr Cicilia Nilam telah dirawat baik di Royal Melbourne Hospital, kondisi juga membaik, Semoga Tuhan memberkati dan membalas semua Kebaikan ibu bapak. Syukur dan doa dari Hendra Cicilia Nilam and Family.

    -Hendra NILAM
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