FAQ page

  • What is a Medical Evacuation? +

    Medical Evacuation or Medevac is timely and efficient movement of patient from current location where the medical facility is not available to a place that has more adequate medical facilities. During transportation patient will be under supervision of medical personnel completed with medical equipments and medications.
  • How to transport the patient? +

    Safety is priority! Therefore, 221assist will review the patient's condition and the location before recommending mode of transportation. There are several options of using medical transportations during Medical Evacuation i.e. Ground Ambulance, Ferry. Charter Speedboat, regular commercial flight, helicopter, or Air Charter.
  • Who is 221assist medical team? +

    221assist has standard medical personnel, qualified and experience in handling medical evacuation and capable in operating medical equipments on board. Our medical personnel consist of ICU Medical Team, Anesthesia Specialist Doctor, Senior Emergency Doctor, Senior ICU Nurses and Emergency doctors who have completed and certified with BCLS & ACLS training.
  • How does the medical transportation service work? +

    We do medical transportation from bed to bed service, our Medical and Operations Coordinators will make necessary medical arrangement and coordination with all parties such as aircraft manager, airport ground handler, ambulance driver, hospital manager, medical team and our supporting office staff.
  • How much does medical transportation cost? +

    Every single call is important to us. Therefore, please do not be afraid about our prices. Since 221assist has very efficient procedure then our number would be at reasonable level. To get our quotation, it's simply just dial our Alarm Centre contact number at +62 81 558 221 221 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and explain your problem and inform your location, our operations coordinator staff will follow your request up and provide service as needed.
  • Does 221assist have other service? +

    Yes, indeed! Besides of emergency medical evacuation service, we can help you to arrange medical assistance such as home visit doctor, Guarantee medical bill and etc…., Please do not hesitate to contact us whatever your medical problem or any other assistance required.
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