In 2014, 221assist has developed some operation center in the main city of Indonesia; some of them were managed by PT. Assistama Indonesia, and we did a contract agreement for guarantee hours Beechjet 400 A which focus on Air Ambulance services.

Dear Customers,
221assist under PT. Assistama Indonesia have done great job during 2014, we did a lot of helping people by arranging medical transportation from island to island and country to country, the imaging medical transportation that we did here is when our team successfully arranged medical evacuation for 3 ( three ) burn victim from sorong to Surabaya with using 1 (one) aircraft and others 3 ( three ) of burn victim also from Pangkal pinang to Jakarta in the same aircraft. 221assist has developed the business on the call center system and we have covered medical access program for Palm plantation and Mining companies which located at Kalimantan.

Focus 2015
Some project plan in 2014 will be released at 2015, we start by arrange regional manager meeting in Bali for focusing target and review medical services that we have done in 2014. We believe 2015 will be the best season for 221assist having more activity in helping people, create medical network in the remote area and also the new Air medic Plane "Hawker 800 XP " and Helicopter Emergency " Bell 206 Long ranger".
Welcome 2015, may this new year all your dreams turn into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. Happy New Year !.

Best regards