Medical Assistance

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24 hours Alarm Center

Is a dedicated phone line for our Client who needs medical assistance that can be reached within 24 hours/365 days per Years. Our coordinator staff will answer your call and provide the requested assistance.

 Home Visit Doctor

If a Client got medical problem during vacation/trip and prefers to have doctor visit at the hotel/ resident by certain time. 221assist can dispatch a professional physician to examine, providing prescription, and recommendation.

 Outpatient Arrangements

In the event of a Client needs to see a specialist and such laboratories procedures at a hospital or clinic in town or abroad. 221Assist will assist by finding specialist schedule and necessary information. 221Assist will arrange an appointment once the Client agrees with place and time.


 Hospital Expenses Guarantee

In the event of emergency when a Client must be hospitalized or seen by a local doctor and unfortunately the medical institution is unable to receive overseas guarantee, 221Assist will assist to replace guarantee letter on the Client's behalf.

 Medical Monitoring

If a Client is hospitalized in a local hospital or abroad, 221assist is able to monitor the Client's medical progress regularly with the agreement of the Client. 221Assist will keep informed the family/Client's employer


 Contact Us

PT. ASSISTAMA INDONESIA, Jl. Anyelir No 8 Denpasar, Bali-indonesia 80235, Tel: +62-361-242876 Fax: +62-361-223307

Call Center 24/7 : +62 81558 221 221

JAKARTA : +62 83 899 221 221, SURABAYA : +62 81 553 221 221, MIDDLE OF JAVA : +62 878 3838 7878, LOMBOK : +62 81 999 888 995, BANDUNG : +62 81 287 221 221, SINGAPORE : +65 83456784

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