Travel Assistance

Medical Travel Arrangement

For a Client who wants to have medical check-up while having vacation, 221Assist will be pleased to make arrangement included transportation, accommodation as well as medical appointment with specialist in the certain hospital.

Air Ticket Assistance

When a miss-fortune traveler is unable to use the original ticket because medically cannot sit as normal passenger due to medical problem and need more comfortable space during the trip. 221Assist would help to find the possibilities to upgrade the original air ticket to higher class.

Concierge Service

For a new visitor in a country usually would need advises and guidance where to go, the concierge staff of 221assist will be ready to assist.

Hotel Room Reservation

If a Client has completed the treatment from a hospital but still need to have control several times until fit to fly return to the home country or if the relatives want to stay close with the Client. 221Assist can arrange a.

Car Transfer

If a Client is away from the home country suddenly get difficulty moving due to some medical reason or just want to have sight seeing. 221Assist can arrange a car transfer with reliable driver to drive the Client reach the destination.

Cash Advance Delivery

No one wants to have this kind of experience; however, if this situation happened 221Assist will provide cash delivery to the Client in order to be able to continue the planning. This service will be charged on reasonable cost.

Visa & Emergency Passport

When a Client is ill must lay down on a bed or need to be evacuated abroad immediately by the same time the visa expired or a new born baby needs urgent medical evacuation, these situation would request an emergency passport. 221assist will assist to solve this matter by extend or obtain an emergency passport.


travel assistance


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